Best Launcher in 2022

When it comes to Android customizations, there are tons of widgets and launchers available on the play store, but 90% of them don’t work the way you want them to work. But I have found Best Launcher in 2022 Most of us are accustomed to using Nova Launcher and without a doubt, it’s a good … Read more

Is iOS better than Android?

So every time there is a new phone out from Apple, android fans start mocking it. And we have also seen a vice versa trend of Apple fanboys mocking Android – so let’s dive into the years-old question, is iOS better than Android? If you leave out the pricing of Apple products and just focus … Read more

How to backup your KWGT widgets

We will see How to backup your KWGT widgets? Any people who have used KWGT widgets have surely spent a lot of time creating widgets they love. Let’s agree we all have searched for the perfect widget and then we were still not satisfied with it and then we started customizing it. Many people have … Read more