Password Mangers safe to use?

Are password managers safe to use?

If you want to know the short answer so that would be YES. You can proudly say that password managers are safe to use!!

Most cyber security experts agree that it’s relatively safe to use a password manager rather than creating the same password for each account. Some people will argue that it’s very easy to create a new password for each account and you can remember it without a password manager. What they end up doing is creating a simple password for an account and then keep adding numbers at the end for each password.

This trick works for many people but there are some problems with it: –

  • You are still vulnerable because it would be pretty easy to guess your pattern once your main password is guessed.
  • The basic password you select is not a complex one most of the time.
  • It will be more tiring and difficult when you sign up at many places (an average user has at least 20 passwords to remember) all others have more than 100 logins, and few people like me have 200 passwords to remember.
  • It would be more cumbersome to type the password on each website.
  • Some people would end up saving their passwords in notes or writing on a paper (which is way too dangerous)

Benefits of Password manager: –

  • The main benefit of using a password manager is that you don’t have to remember any passwords.
  • All the passwords are safe, and you remember only 1 password to access them all.
  • You can create a separate and secure password for each account.
  • When you open your password manager you will see a list of the websites where you have signed up and can delete the account/service which is no longer needed. Without a password manager, you won’t even remember where you have signed up

Security of Password Manager.

  • Your passwords are encrypted in a password manager so that even the company providing password manager can’t see your password.
  • The security of a password manager is just like that of a Bank account. It’s the highest form of security.
  • Browser plugin will help you in automatically entering your password so that you don’t have to type a password and you are safe from key-loggers
  • It actually checks the URL of the website you are typing in the browser, which protects you from phishing.

Which is the best password manager?

To answer this question, we will see what type of password managers are currently available.

Offline Password manager

Offline password manager creates a database of your password on your local machine, and it’s not exposed to the internet. So, if you have multiple machines, it won’t sync automatically to all of them. You will be responsible for the backup of your data. God forbid if your system is crashed all your passwords are gone.

Which Offline password manager do we recommend?

Don’t look any further than KeePass, It’s an open-source password manager and it works great.
it comes with tons of plugins for example there are plugins to auto-fill password and auto-type your password in the browser.

Online password manager

Unlike offline password managers, the online password manager stores the data in the cloud and syncs them to all your devices. You don’t have to worry about which device you are using all your passwords are safe in the cloud and easily accessible.

Ease of access is not free, most of the password managers in this category have a monthly subscription fee. There are tons of different password managers out there and each of them has different features.

Which Password manager do we recommend.

If you are going with an online password manager don’t look any further than 1Password. It’s my personal favorite.

List of Features.

  • Best design
  • Ease of use.
  • The best security in the market.
  • You can also store your two-factor authentication.
  • Best support out there.
  • Different plans for different needs.
  • Trusted by Millions.

Let us know in the comment section which is your personal favorite.

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