Is iOS better than Android?

So every time there is a new phone out from Apple, android fans start mocking it. And we have also seen a vice versa trend of Apple fanboys mocking Android – so let’s dive into the years-old question, is iOS better than Android?

If you leave out the pricing of Apple products and just focus on software development, what do you think? is iOS better than Android? Well, there isn’t any straightforward answer but if you are in complete Apple eco-system iOS would be just better.

Let’s see it in detail.

before we go into the details, let’s see how android is better in many ways.

  • the first thing that comes to mind is customization, yes you can customize your phone the way you want. You can change the launcher, you can configure the way your phone behaves, and whatever you can think of.
  • Even though Apple introduced Widgets, Android does it better. Widgets work great on Android, the way it’s placed on the home screen and customization are the things which iOS can’t think of.
  • You can have a lot of choices of hardware, you don’t like hardware from one plus no worries go to Samsung, you don’t like Samsung go to Motorola. There are 100’s of the phones and the companies to choose from, whereas for iOS it’s just iPhone (anyways the hardware is superior)

Now, let’s see how iOS beats Android.

Apple Ecosystem

The first thing you would think of is the Apple ecosystem. If your laptop is a mac book and you are using an iPhone then everything will just sync. You won’t have to do anything; put in your Apple ID and boom. Even if you have got a new iPhone it just works. But that’s not the case with Google, it’s not smooth. You will have to scratch your head to get it done.


While all the companies out there are famous for putting bloatware. iOS does quite different, default apps are way better than Android.

There is a list of the things iOS which does a lot better than Android.

Apple Notes, reminders app, stocks app, and much more. There literally no default app which does better than iOS. Obviously, you can find third-party apps which might come with a subscription, but here we are talking about default apps.

Other than default apps, there are tons of apps that are simply not available on android just like tweet-caster, bear notes, and many more.

Face ID

Even though Android has a fingerprint scanner and face unlock but it simply doesn’t match face ID.

Face ID is so secure that you can open your bank’s app as well, but that’s not the case with face unlock on Android. You can’t open your bank apps with face unlock.

Security and updates

iOS updates are way ahead in the game, when you buy an iPhone you are guaranteed regular updates for at least 4 years but that’s not the case with Android unless you have a pixel.

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