Stateful VS Stateless

Stateful VS Stateless

Understanding the Difference When it comes to computer systems and applications, the terms “stateless” and “stateful” are often used to describe how data is managed and processed. Understanding the difference between these two approaches is crucial for anyone working with technology. Let’s break it down in simple terms. Stateless: A stateless system, as the name … Read more

All about GNU project

All about GNU License

In simple terms, GNU is the type of license that you can use for your code or software. Today we will see all about GNU in this post. But before we take a deep dive, it’s important to see other types of Licenses as well. Type of Licenses They are multiple types of licenses, which … Read more

Authoritative vs non-Authoritative DNS

So here we will discuss what is the difference between Authoritative and Non-Authoritative DNS Servers? But before we debate Authoritative vs non-Authoritative DNS we will first see what is DNS? The Domain name system (DNS) is basically a record book of the internet. Humans are basically bad at remembering numbers (IP address) that’s the reason … Read more