Best way to store your photos.

Since the camera quality has gone up in recent years, we all have too many photos on our phones, but the big question is how do you store and manage all those photos? Most people just enable Google Photos or iCloud Photos and forget it but the problem is you can’t really manage your photos … Read more

Best app to manage finance

Have you been searching for the best app to manage finance? Your search ends here. When you are trying to achieve financial stability, the first thing to do is to write down all the expenses. Secondly, make sure that you are not over-spending on any of those categories. The best practice would be to make … Read more

Password Mangers safe to use?

Are password managers safe to use? If you want to know the short answer so that would be YES. You can proudly say that password managers are safe to use!! Most cyber security experts agree that it’s relatively safe to use a password manager rather than creating the same password for each account. Some people … Read more

Difference between EFS and EBS

When you create an instance on AWS, you will see that there are multiple options to attach storage to your device. Let’s discuss and compare the difference between EFS and EBS types of storage. EBS (Elastic Block Storage) EBS volumes can be attached to only 1 instance. It can be attached to the instance in … Read more