Best way to store your photos.

Since the camera quality has gone up in recent years, we all have too many photos on our phones, but the big question is how do you store and manage all those photos? Most people just enable Google Photos or iCloud Photos and forget it but the problem is you can’t really manage your photos effectively in these services. For example, you can’t really create folders, so you went for a trip to Europe, and you want all your photos in one place but you can’t really do that with Google Photos. All the pics in Google are stored in an unsorted manner, even though Google has a great mechanism for searching photos but you can’t really sort it the way you want.

What would be our recommendation to store the photos?

Photos being an important memory, we would suggest you store your photos in multiple places. So even if the one service is dead you can still have your photos. And just keeping them on their phone is not recommended.

Today we will see how your Photo Library is updated and safe using an Online Storage System. So here I am using pCloud, which has great Lifetime plans, and the pricing is competitive.

How do we sync photos to pCloud using Android?

So, when you need to keep syncing photos to pCloud you can use the App AutoSync which will keep syncing your photos to pCloud.

What we have done here is created two separate sync rules to upload to WhatsApp Photos and Videos to pCloud.
So AutoSync will detect all the new photos, you can also create a rule for your camera roll so all the new photos you take are automatically backed up.

how to upload photos using autosync to cloud storage.

Once your photos are to pcloud you sort the photos the way you want, I have sorted photos in Years

And then in the folders, I have a folder for each event.

This would be the best way to sort your photos, but you are using your own ways to sort them.
Apart from this, you can also keep uploading photos to google photos and you can also sync pCloud to your external Hard disk so we have multiple copies of our memories.

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