Best keyboard on market

Have you been looking for the best keyboard on market, and haven’t found one? well, your search ends here.

Today we will see the best keyboard which you could use for your work and play, that’s MX keys. Let’s review MX keys and their pros and cons( honestly, I don’t see any as of now)

I have been using MX keys for a year, and let’s see what it has to offer.

Look and Feel

When you touch MX keys for the first time, you will immediately feel its premium look and quality. When you hold the keyboard you will feel like it’s a metal keyboard and the weight of the keyboard makes the keyboard. To be precise it’s around 800gm, heavier than any other keyboard on the market.

So if you ask me I would give 5/5 for the look, feel and it’s durability.


MX keys are packed with features, I will list them all down here.

  • It can connect 3 devices at the same time via blue-tooth and you can switch between these devices with a touch of the button, It’s super convenient when you have multiple devices. There are three buttons on the keyboard as shown in the image below, each button is linked to one device which makes it super convenient to switch between devices.

    MX keys easy switch buttons

    Typing is really great on MX keys, the shape of the keys ensures that you press the right button. You won’t miss a key 99.99% of the time with the buttons you have on MX keys.

    Backlighting is the greatest feature, LED lights are embedded into the keys they light up automatically when you bring your hand near to the keyboard. The proximity sensor on the keyboard is sensitive and works just the way you want.

    Battery life is great, and you don’t have to worry about it even after all these features are packed in. You will get around 70 days of battery life with the backlight off. Even with the backlight on it can go up to whopping 10 days. It comes with a USB type C charging cable to charge your device.

MX keys is a great keyboard with a lot of features and it’s a great investment. I have been using it for a year and I never regret the decision.

From where to buy?

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