Best app to manage finance

Have you been searching for the best app to manage finance? Your search ends here.

When you are trying to achieve financial stability, the first thing to do is to write down all the expenses. Secondly, make sure that you are not over-spending on any of those categories. The best practice would be to make a budget for everything or at least for the things you spent the most. In this century most people spend more on eating out or beverages if you are that kind of person then you should create a budget for your eating out category and make sure that you are not going above the amount you have specified.

Creating a Budget, and writing down all the expenses is a tedious task, especially if you are using a pen and a paper.  The best way to manage all this is using an app.

There are hundreds of apps for managing finance each of them having pros and cons.  But here we will focus on my favorite one i.e., Toshl which tracks all your cards, and bank accounts in one place.

List of the features.

  1. Great UI; it has a great user interface you will love it.
  2. Cloud-Based; so, you don’t have to worry about your backup or phone being changed and losing your data. As soon you got your new phone just enter your username and password and your data is there, ready to use.
  3. Great web interface, Toshl has a great web interface which makes it more powerful. You can access it from anywhere since it’s cloud-based.
  4. Great support; most of the apps which you will find on google play or the app store won’t be having support, but that’s not the case with Toshl. Just email them and you will get a reply as soon as possible.
  5. It’s free!!. most of the users won’t have to pay a dime. But if you need advanced features such as more than two accounts or automatically syncing from your bank accounts then you will have to pay a nominal charge.

How to use Toshl?

Even though you can download the app from the Google Play or App Store and start using it right away, I would recommend you to the first signup from a web browser on your laptop/computer, set the account up, and later download the app and start using.

This way you will make sure that your accounts are properly added the way you want. Using any Finance app without customizing it for your needs will force you to not use it.

My recommendation would be to delete all the default categories after you have signup and create your own. Mint has listed a great recommendation for categories.

Shall I use the Free or paid version?

I would recommend you to either start with Free or Toshl Pro (if you have more than two accounts) and then later upgrade to Toshl Medici if you want your accounts to sync automatically.

For me, I am using Toshl pro, and I don’t like the idea of automatically syncing from the bank accounts. I like to have more control and love to do manual entries for all the expenses done during the day.

You can look at their pricing on the official page.

Even if you have less than two accounts it’s always better to pay a nominal charge for any service that you are using, this way it helps developers to bring in constant updates.

I hope you have found the best app to manage finance If you have loved this then share it with your loved ones, also see my post on password manager

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