Best Launcher in 2022

When it comes to Android customizations, there are tons of widgets and launchers available on the play store, but 90% of them don’t work the way you want them to work. But I have found Best Launcher in 2022

Most of us are accustomed to using Nova Launcher and without a doubt, it’s a good launcher with little or no bugs.  However, there are a few things about the Nova launcher that most of us don’t like.

The most annoying thing about the Nova launcher is its Dock search bar.  It won’t let you replace Nova search with any other provider. Even though you can integrate Sesame search but who needs Nova search when you have Sesame. The most annoying thing about Nova search is its small search pop-up which is one of the main reasons we hate Nova Launcher.

All the competitors of Nova Launcher such as Apex Launcher, Action Launcher, and Go Launcher are filled up crap.  As soon as you install this launcher you will be overwhelmed by the crap of the things on your home page, you are still free to customize those later but “First impression is the last impression”

But in this havoc there comes a savior, that’s Hyperion Launcher.  At first glance, you will see it’s no different than Nova Launcher but believe me once you start using it you never go back.

List of Features:-

  • Full Customization
  • Google Search bar and Sesame Search bar in Dock ( the savior from Nova Launcher )
  • Gestures on the home screen.
  • Tweaks for Desktop, Dock, grid, and widgets.

Unlike all the Launcher out there. Hyperion is the cleanest Launcher.  It feels like an upgraded stock Launcher.

Hyperion Launcher’s free version can take you to the Moon but the paid version has its own benefits – it’s a nominal fee for a lifetime of awesomeness.

Below are the images from a phone I own, It has a beautiful Hyperion Launcher.

All these things make it the best Launcher in 2022. Before you come to any conclusion, you should try it once. You would also like to see my post about KWGT Widget

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